Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Cristina n+10, Depression n

Yesterday was a very special day. I had suspected the day before that maybe I was going to have a rough day yesterday, because as I was going to bed I went into a "I'm really ugly" spell.
The events yesterday weren't too bad, but I kept having nasty thoughts creeping up. But I beat them. I got a big stick and hit the thoughts (bad, bad thought! go back to where you came from!) and managed to keep the depression at bay all day.
I ended up with no nails, and I was very tired and behaving rather childishly by the end of the day (kittens!), but I succeeded!

It is the first time since I fell ill that I can keep the depression at bay all day, in a day when it's trying to get me down. I feel really proud.

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