Friday, 22 February 2008

Only happy things

After some good weeks, I wen't down yesterday, so today I will only post happy things.

  1. I have (just) finished knitting my second Jayne hat, a present for my old science fiction library
  2. For my birthday last Saturday, I got a box with 100 different felt pens, and they are awesome. I got some children's colouring books two days ago, and I've been colouring fishes and lions, they are great.
  3. On Tuesday, I went to see Alfie, a Birman kitten. He is lovely lovely lovely, and now I want one. He was so fluffy and friendly, he let himself be picked up (if he didn't want cuddles, he'd then jump off your lap, but he was fine with being picked up). He really really liked the mice I made him (and so did his owners), and spend a while chasing them around the floor and trying to eat them. When he got tired (he is only a kitten), I got him on my lap and pet him and combed his hair, and being around him was one of the best experiences ever. Now I want one, but I know I can't.
  4. I have Ravelry.
  5. Today, I have a day off from work, because I wanted it.
  6. Picocon is tomorrow.
  7. I have my therapist thinking about some of my problems, so maybe we'll be able to come up with something I can do without being paralised by fear.

Now I need to go do some stuff because I need/have to do it. But then I'll just sit and knit, because that's much better.

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  1. many good things, you càn see them, that's a lot!

    oh colouring books, I steal my daughter's sometimes ;)