Monday, 19 January 2009

I have a new camera!

Wisteria in progress

This is my Wisteria. You can't see the cables very well in the picture, but I just wanted to show off my new camera (Samsung L200, for what is worth).

The stitch markers are some cute bees from yarnlust. I am completely in love with them, and I will recommend her: I got several sets from her and I'm very happy with all.

Pictures will slowly resume as I take them. I still don't have a full picture of my Emerald, so I should probably do that first.


  1. I love the bees and the Wisteria of course, I think you're very good at knitting complex patterns!
    yeay for the new camera of course!
    (my 2 camera's broke down the past few weeks, they still work somewhat but it's a pest, the big one's screen is crooked, the pocket one falls out whenever...)

  2. Love your stitch markers! Congrats on the new camera.

  3. Yay, new camera! (very jealous!) Your Wisteria#s coming along great :)