Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tales of a camera

My camera used to belong to one of my housemates. About two years ago, when we were moving out of a house, he left all his packing to the very last day. I found this incredibly annoying because that meant he was busy packing, and did not help cleaning and tidying the place, but that is another story. He was panicking and packing, and then decided to throw away his digital camera, because it was broken. By broken, he meant that he had lost the battery charger and the little tab to move between taking pictures, videos and displaying them was missing, so you had to get a pen into it to move it. So, while it was technically broken, it was perfectly serviceable.
I rescued it, got the card reader from him, got myself a charger and voilĂ , I had a digital camera! It was fairly decent, albeit a bit old (4 years when I got it), and it served me well ever since (although I did have to get another card reader eventually, and then another memory card).

Alas, now it's dead! It turns on, but everything comes out black, so I would like to replace it before its body finishes cooling down.
Given that all I use my camera is to take pictures of knitting and the occasional holiday, I don't have grand demands from one. Yesterday I had a look at the cameras in the big supermarket and discovered that they go as low as £29. While I will not buy something so cheap, at least I now know that you don't have to sink in hundreds of pounds on one. Something mid-range, so it can last me a bit, and ideally with manual features, as I do know how to handle a fully manual camera: I took photography and was school photographer for a year!

I'll probably buy my camera online after some research, and hopefully I can have some pictures up soon. My webcam does no justice to anything.


  1. I highly recommend a Kodak. My Dad has a HP that has had hissy fits since it was only 6mths old and we had one that keeled over at 6mths. Our Kodak is 2 or 3 years old and doing absolutely fine.

  2. you know, half of my pics on the blog (outside, since flash pics are not that fabulous) are made with a camera that cost me €50 - the cheapest thing possible, there are no real bad digitals anymore at the moment ;)
    so I have that cheap HP Photosmart thingy, and a more expensive but still economical PowerShot A610 which is now trying to die but I won't let it yet...

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! My old camera is a Canon, so I will look into that as well, but I'm not too fussed about it. Hopefully pictures will reappear shortly!