Friday, 2 January 2009

In chronological order...

  • I spent Xmas at my not-in-laws, which was very lovely. I even got presents, including more Bill Bailey (Tinselworm) and the Spore Cute & Creepy parts pack from Alex, a lovely necklace from Alex's sister, and a couple of beautiful scarfs and a knitting book (Heartfelt - rav) from his parents. I was happy.
  • Walked with my boot and one crutch to the centre of town, where I got new glasses. One of my eyes is now worse, but the other is better. Alex was quite shocked at the price of glasses but, with my prescription, you need them that high quality if you don't want them to be bottle bottoms.
  • I can now walk at home without the boot.
  • Knitted and finished a dice bag for my upcoming Shadowrun campaign.
  • Worked on Alex's socks. At time of printing, I'm only missing the ribbing on the second one, and weaving in all ends. I might pass on the blocking; after all, they are going to go on feet!
  • Saw the New Year's fireworks from the comfort of my own balcony. This is particularly nice because I could go back inside where it was warmer. Bristol is very cold at the moment.
  • Got a gremlin. My old phone got bust, my new phone is not yet active, my camera is not working and my webcam is temperamental and crap. Now I wonder where I have put the rest of the points.


  1. I'm glad your foot's getting better, and that you had a nice Christmas! Happy New Year, and I hope you have a good 2009! (and that your gremlin goes away, lol)

  2. I'm so happy you got spoiled, you deserve to be...
    merry christmas & happy new year!


  3. I've noticed that unless they are also afflicted, many people have no idea how expensive it gets to be a life-long four-eyes! Particularly when one starts heading into the seriously blind as a bat phase - 'cause I'm so there and have been for years. Thankfully the Auto Club gives a 30% discount on a complete pair of glasses at the Lenscrafters chain. The membership is worth it to me for that alone, never mind the emergency tow service or anything else!

    Glad you had a pleasant Christmas & New Year's! I'm jealous of your fireworks, I'd love it if we had those!