Friday, 30 January 2009

B is for books


I cannot live without books.
Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

I love books. I "read" books much before I learned how to read, and I cannot think of a time when I've not had a book or more on the go. Always reading.

I love books, and I find it very difficult to go into a bookshop and not come out with at least one. I grew up in a house filled with books (triple stacked, in every corner, in good-quality boxes in the attic when we ran out of space), and that's how I want to continue mine to be. I would love to have a place big enough to have a dedicated library.

For this entry, I went around my flat and took pictures of all the books I could see. It so happens that the only room without books is the bathroom, although I always carry mine there. The study contains 4 1/2 Billys mostly filled (3 fiction and 1 1/2 non fiction), and there are books in the bedroom (waiting to be read), in the kitchen (cooking books) and in the living room (mainly knitting, but some others as well). There is also still space for more books, so clearly I need to go out and get more.


I love books, and few things give me more pleasure.


  1. oh yes! I recognise the phenomenon! (not right now, but wait till all the boxes get unpacked)
    books are something special, and even in my handbag there is always a travelling book...
    I love your collection - when can I come stay at your place for about a year to read up?

  2. You know when I was growing up my fantasy home was a big open floor plan loft in the city and I imagined I would use tall bookcases filled with books as the room dividers and beautiful bits of colored glass, vases & sculptures separating the sections of books on each shelf. As the years pass I've moved further away from that ever becoming a reality but it's still a lovely dream!

  3. I am very jealous of your storage space. I have so much trouble getting rid of books, yet I seem to be running out of space to put them. There are stacks here and there- I am choosing to see them as my way of simple decorating! hehe

  4. That top pic looks just like my spare room! I love books too, it's hard to get rid of them because once I've read them I *might* want to read them again some day (I hardly ever do though, except certain ones). I'd love a dedicated library too! :D

  5. Aren't books great and soo central to life? When Alex and I were looking for a place to rent, we specifically looked for one with plenty of book space. It is something we both value very highly!
    We bought three more books yesterday!

  6. I love books too! But I read too much to collect them (space and cost) so I hit the library up.

    If I get close to running out of a book to read (a magazine won't do) I start to get antsy and jittery. Reading has always been such a part of my relaxation routine in the evenings that I'm stuck without it. It's almost like I'm an addict who needs a fix!

    And let's not talk about packing for vacation...I can't go without less than 5 plus the one I'm currently reading.

  7. Our house looks like that, except with children's books. Great b-along