Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Crocheting is difficult

Crocheting is difficult. Also, I really like how "crocheting" is pronounced, with the silent t and a slight french accent, it sounds really pretty... oh, a bunny!

Crocheting is difficult. I did make a little swatch the other day to learn all the different type of stitches, and that was difficult enough, there was much frogging and cursing at the swatch.
But now I'm trying to do the Katamari. I went through 3 different explanations and about 5 trials of the magic ring before I learned how to do it, and then 3 more goes until I made one that didn't look like poo.
Then I started the crochet in the round. It took a bit to get the hang of if, mainly because of the crocheting bit, rather than the round bit, and some frogging as I was getting used to the type of stitches. Then I started it again with a bigger hook.
Yesterday I managed to do most of the first half of the main body, but I don't like it. It's so tight! The pattern says to crochet tight, but it always comes out tight, even when I try to do it loose. The fabric is really hard, and the worse is that the magic circle is a lot loser, so it "pokes out".

But I'm not going to give up, because I want a Katamari.

I might just knit something else (iPod cosy and Tudora) before, and then try again.

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