Friday, 4 January 2008

Patterns completed/planned update

One of the outcomes of working with software is that code takes forever to compile and run. What should I be doing while my program runs? This version will take 10 minutes1, but the next round is due to take about 3 hours, in which I probably should be doing something2. But, for now, that something is to flap on the keyboard about knitting and depression, two of my favourite topics.

Depression. I have had two minor breakdowns the two previous days (one about friends and one about sex). I am trying not to worry excessively about the breakdowns, and accept that sometimes they happen and this doesn't need to be the start of a downward slope.
I have been reading plenty of books (some of them even by prescription! I have never got books on prescription before!) about how to get better, and maybe that is the reason I'm not doing as well now, because I've only been focusing in what I've not been doing rather than doing something.
I am going to take up yoga.
Yesterday I got a letter from the Doctor because I can start therapy! I need to send them a deposit, and then they'll ring me to organise a session. It is not free as it was in London, but it's only £10/hour, which is not too bad. If it gets me well, they will be some of the best spent pounds ever.

Ok, so now the knitting.
I finally finished weaving in the ends for my mother's purple socks, mainly because I had decided to give them to her for Christmas. They were Thujas in purple, because they were meant to be full of healing magicks to help her after her surgery. I didn't make them on time for that, or for her visit here, so I decided to wait until Christmas and forgo the story. She really liked them, and still cannot believe that I taught myself to knit over the internet (although at least she has stopped asking who taught me). I managed to get the colouring nicely in the socks, like in Angela's thankyou socks, and I was very happy with that.

I tried to knit a star as Christmas decorations, because the boyfriend likes Christmas and we didn't have any, but it didn't work.

I obviously finished my Fetchings. The soy worked surprisingly nice, and it does keep my hands warm. I should have done the finger a bit longer, and I think I should have knitted it with smaller needles, it has stretched a bit too much. My C4B are a million times better than my C4F, but I don't know why. At some point I think I would like to reknit them better (I bought extra yarn just for these purpose), but maybe for next winter: my queue is already long as it is.

I also finished my peasant cap (pdf). After some modifications and stitches added here and there, I managed to get it right so it would hid all my hair when in a pony tail, so I wear it when I have damp hair (they entire purpose behind it, I have enough hair to keep my head warm when it's dry). Because it was knitted doubled, I used blue and black together, giving it a very nice effect. Will get pictures up at some point.

I also knitted some mini Christmas stockings (from here, which I bought with depression books in the middle of a slight panic). I knitted one for me, one for Alex and one for little Jonathan. They looked very cute, and they made people happy. I experimented with the cuff and the toes until I got them right, so each stocking is a bit different. The last stocking, Jonathan's, is, in my opinion, the best of all. And he really liked it!

Knitting a Clapotis now. I'll also have to knit a jacket. I get cold very very often, but my warm jumpers are rather shapeless, and they make me feel really ugly, which is not good at all when you are depressed. I have a couple of patterns in mind already: Candy (not in those colours) and the Sunrise Circle (pdf).

Will also make a Katamari for Alex, although first I need to learn how to crochet!

Also, my ear has just turn into a sea shell with the noise and I can't make it go normal *grumbles*

1 Nah, scrap that. Including processing time, it's more like 13, which will also increase the duration of the next run. Nope, a lot more than that. 20 per run? 6 hrs total, just to get some data I can actually use. Maybe. If I'm lucky. How many goats you reckon?

2 Yes, I know. But I like it.

Oh, all patterns and projects can be found on Ravelry.

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  1. I'll be reading your blog, and I wish you lots of knitting and very little depression (which I wish for myself too) for the new year!