Monday, 28 January 2008

In which I honour the full title of my blog

The Knit...
I finished Clapotis yesterday. Will take some pictures when I feel better and teh boyfriend is home. It looks really pretty. I will post more details when I have the pics, because I doubt I'll make it justice now.
After the big scarf and the on-going healing jacket, I'm going to do a couple of littleler projects: a stuffed mouse (for the kitten of one of teh boyfriend's co-workers, because I can), the katamari (I learned to crochet yesterday) and an iPod cosy (see bellow).

...the Geek...
I have an iPod! Partly because I wanted something to carry all my music at all times, but partly also because it's cool and shiney and I wanted one! I have managed to fill 4 of the 80 gigs with the music I had lying around, and I'm on a downloading binge (suggestions welcome!). And this is why I need to knit an iPod cosy! I also put into it all my kitten pictures, so I can have a look at them anywhere when I'm feeling down.

...and the Therapy.
So, I had a doctor's appointment today. It might not have been the best day ever to have it, as I had a really crap day yesterday, so any possible progress was not looking bright. My doctor is really hopeful for me, and he appears to truly believe that I will get better, mainly, he said, because I have hope that I won't always stay like this.
I am now taking about 3/4 of the medication I was talking a while ago (*1 1/2* repeat), but he doesn't' think that I should decrease it any further, at least for now. I am starting therapy on Thursday, so hopefully that would help.
Sadly, he didn't have anything for my physical ailments (not sleeping well, back popping, cold and sleepy), as he thinks that they are a side effect of my depression. So maybe if/when I get better, they will get better to. I am also getting a full blood test just to check that there isn't anything noticeably physical (mainly my thyroid) that is making me depressed.
I don't think I have gotten any better for the last year or so, since I re-reached basic functionality. Sure, I can function, but I'm not well, nor stable, nor can do complicated things. Yesterday I wanted to phone my landlord to renew my contract, and I just couldn't, panic horribly when I tried to do it.
However, I forgot to mention to him that my jaw (the bit that connect the jaw to the rest of my brain) really hurts when I open my mouth. It's not my wisdom teeth, because I can poke at them and they don't hurt, and it just feels in a slightly different area, more inside, but it's rather uncomfortable.

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  1. - looking forward to see the clapotis; I'll start mine as soon as my yarn is in
    - I like shiny things too, so I have an i-pod thingy that hardly ever plays, ànd it has a nice knitted cover
    - therapy will really do you good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have a great first appointment ;)