Monday, 7 January 2008

I wish

It is in times like this when I wish I could actually write.


  1. you just did, those few words are a start...
    I want to wish you some strength in whatever made you wish for written words ;)

  2. Thanks.

    I used to write short stories when I was down, and both writing it down and the satisfaction of writing a good story made me feel great.
    Sometimes I feel like writings stories still, but I seem to have lost that abilibity some time ago (round the time I started with meds, actually), and I can't get it back yet.
    I keep trying, though.

  3. I know the feeling... now all I can write is my blog, but there's so much inside me that wants to be written down and it just doesn't seem to work...
    keep trying, indeed, and this blog is already a good thing ;)