Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ravelry to Get Knitted

This past Saturday, a bunch of us from Ravelry descended mercilessly upon Get Knitted, set up camp there, and raided their supplies (both yarn and food). It was awesome.
I was really excited by the prospect. I was too excited to be panicking about meeting new people. So I went in there, to the unknown, not afraid. I knitted, bought lots of yarn and talked to lots of people, and I didn't panic, nor had to run away and hid, nor was more ill the following day. It was one of the best things ever.

So, the actual meeting. About 30-35 people were there, some coming from as far as London1. Everybody was really friendly and on the same wavelength. Everybody from my knitting group was there, but I didn't just talk to them: I was sociable with most people.
We had an author with us, woolly wormhead, and wyesue had brought her spinning wheel, so I was hypnotised by that for a while. I really can't remember most people's names, but one lady recommended to knit through the back loop when picking up stitches along the sock's heel gusset, to minimise the holes, so I will try that next time.
Here are some pictures of the gathering, in thumbnail version, click for full size:

Spinning Drop spindle Drop spindle
People! I mean, knitters Where did they all come from?

I did quite some buying, especially because of the 10% discount, but at least I bought for 3 specific projects, rather than randomly for a stash, so it's not too bad at all.

I finally found yarn for my Jayne hat. I had been looking for non-woolly yarn in the recommended thickness (12 st/10 cm), but that is nearly impossible to find. So now I have thinner yarn which I will just use doubled. This same yarn, with a bit of blue thrown in, should allow me to do the Katamari, although I still need to learn how to crochet.
Cunning eggs
I also got yarn for my healing jacket (I've decided that that will be its role, as well as keeping me warm). I got some Rowan Summer Tweed, which looks tweedy, but it's made out of cotton and silk. It looks kind of "rough", but it is really soft. I have started the tummy stripes, but for now I can only show the yarn.
Pre-healing jacket (CC) Pre-healing jacket (MC)

And an update on my Clapotis, which everybody liked and admired and some people have started queueing it after seeing me knit one. Go me!
Clapotis (long view)

I do hope Ravelry meets again. It was great.

1 Although, that said, I *have* gone down to London before just for a pub lunch.
2 I'm not very good at naming pics.


  1. Love the photos of the Ravelry trip to G.Knitted. Wish I could have made it but my roof leaked impressively on the Friday night and my Saturday morning was spent sorting it out...

  2. It was a good day :-)
    Glad you enjoyed it without panic..

    With socks picking up stitches, I tend to pick up more than the pattern says and just do more decreases down to the correct number for the pattern... need to remember to pick up the same number each side ;-)