Sunday, 1 June 2008

Links of the week, 01/06/08

I had a thought of running some sort of regular feature on the blog. Because I spend a sizeable chunk of my time on the internet, and I love links, I thought I could post, every Sunday, a list of links that have entertained me during the week. Thanks to blogger's new feature of "advance posting", I can build the list up during the week and it will post itself on Sundays. I hope. So, if you are reading this before Sunday at 17.00 (UK time), it's because blogger messed up, and it's not my fault. In fact, at this time I might be out on a knitting picnic, so it is doubly not my fault. That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So, the first batch of links, that have amused or interested me this week, are:

Lovely locks, from the Cabinet of Wonders
I was introduced to the Cabinet of Wonders via the blog of one of my knitting friends. This particular post is about pretty pictures of mechanisms of chest locks, and they do look awesome. I read the Cabinet of Wonders regularly, so expect more awesome links from them.
"Puns", from Bunny comic
This is how teh boyfriend's brain works. I have a hard trouble keeping up with the ziggy line, and it is nearly impossible when he jumps dimensions. But it is so satisfying when I manage, or when I manage to baffle him by jumping into my own extra dimensions!
Bristol Firefly screening, 21st June
If you live near Bristol, there will be a Serenity (the double pilot) and Shindig screening on the 21st of June, coinciding with Josh Whedon's birthday (long life to Josh, and bring us Firefly back!). I plan to go, because it is always a good time to meet fellow Browncoats, so look out for the girl with a hand-knitted Jayne hat. If you are not from here, now you know that it is happening, and you should go look for one near you!
Tag galaxy, via Ravelry
This link was suggested via ravelry, and it is a visual representation of tags from flickr. In the suggested example, type "ravelry" as your starting tag, and look at the pretty. Then keep playing!
Sherlock Holmes. The awakened
I have been needing to buy a new computer for ages, and I finally did it on Friday night, mainly because I really wanted to play this game (reviews). My new computer will arrive around the end of next week, and then I can tell you how it is in real life. But you can't go very wrong with Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulhu Mythos!
"Still alive" song, from Portal
I have been "obsessed" with this song for a while, and now we finally bought Portal! I am waiting for teh boyfriend to finish playing so I can play it as well. Portal is a short and awesome computer game, and this is its end song, which I really like (warning, end spoilers, although most people who would care about them probably know all this already!)

So, this has been all for the first batch of links. I hope you have enjoyed it, and let me know what you think of the feature and my selections.

Incidentally, I will need a name for my new computer. My computers have always been male, and this one can't be named Sherlock, Spudtrooper or Lazarus, as those are names my laptop has had in the past (I have changed it every time I wipe its memory and start from scratch). Suggestions are welcomed, although I would have to wait and see if the computer likes its/his name!


  1. Great idea - I like your "links of the week"! That'll give me something to look forward to on weekends, many of the blogs I read only post on weekdays (perhaps they only blog at work?) so ususally there's not much new & interesting on the weekends. This helps!

    All very interesting, I like the song, although I'm not much of a game player. But the tag galaxy was very cool - I have to spend more time with that!

  2. I l-o-v-e the tag galaxy link. Where did you find it on Rav? Thanks for posting about it!