Tuesday, 24 June 2008

It's cold!

I am upset at the moment. It's cold. Not actually cold, I was out earlier in short sleeves, but cold inside in the office, where I'm wearing a scarf, a cardigan, fingerless mitts and my big shawl, and I'm still cold.

I'm normally a warm person, but I sit right under the aircon. Everywhere else in the office is really warm, but I am right under the flow of cold air, which comes right past my back (with the added effect that my back mussels clench and hurt).
I don't know what to do any more. I've talk to people about it, and they acknowledge the fact that I am cold, and do try to take me into account, but they are very hot, and eventually it gets turned on. I've mentioned it to the bosses, and they said to talk to the guys to keep it off (but they are hot then, seems that we can't all be well).

I don't know what else I can do, but it's cold. I'm looking forward to winter, so the aircon is off and the heating on, and then I can be again feeling at a good temperature. I just wanted to rant, because it's cold. Being uncomfortable makes me upset, which doesn't let me work as well, and makes me feel useless.

I need a gazebo. Such an awesome word, gazebo. But yes, I can have a little gazebo above me to ward off the wind. One of the monsters in Munchkin is a gazebo. "You must face the gazebo alone!". "It doesn't do anything. It's a gazebo".


  1. oh hon I'm so feeling for you! hate airco except in the car when it's steaming hot outside, and then still on a low...
    go on strike until the airco is turned off, tell them it will make you ill and they will have to take your workload too...

  2. The same thing happens at my school, except we can't control the AC - it's done by some person and a computer about 100 miles away!I keep sweaters and shawls in my class room and sometimes the little children wearing shorts no sleeves, teeth chattering, ask to borrow them. Stinkin' AC!

  3. I used to have to sit under the aircon at my old job. My boss wouldn't even do anything about it, she just had a "too bad, *someone* has to sit under it" kind of attitude about it. Part of why I eventually quit.

    Is there a way you can sit somewhere else? Maybe there's someone who would trade with you for the summer?

  4. The weather has been cloudy this past couple of days, so the aircon has been off, and I have felt much better. When it's sunny, we get direct sunlight all day, which contributes to the aircon being on. My office is really not well designed. At all. But at least it's nice for now!

  5. Welll....several years ago there was a girl with a problem like yours. She also was in a bit of a mad cookie baking phase. She had become friends with the maintenance and custodial crew - not unlikely when you are the first one in and last one out each day - and they were sympathetic to her problem. So one evening after hours someone opened up the air vent directly above her desk and inserted a sheet of cardboard, which blocked the airflow, while still allowing everyone else in the refrigerator, errrr....I mean office, to continue chilling happily and obliviously under the air from the remaining vents. More cookies were baked and everyone lived happily ever after. THE END.

  6. I should said that we finally sorted the aircon problem on Monday.
    We climbed up to my desk, and taped shut one of the aircon vents. Well, mostly shut, so all the air can still come out, just not pointing at me. And without having to bake cookies! (I can make cookies, but I rather eat them all myself!)