Sunday, 22 June 2008

Links of the week, 22/06/08

Where is the coffee?
Mmm, this looks suspicious
There was a rather funny thread on Ravelry (first link) asking ninja code monkey Casey to bring back the little coffee icon (RavCoffe). After having been told for a while that we had drunk all the coffee, I think Casey re-stocked the Ravelry kitchen using the second link. Coffee can be activated in the Rav forums using "mmm coffee" or "cup of coffee".
Remember the milk!
I have signed up for Remember the Milk, and online task/to-do list manager. I can add all sorts of tasks, with different periodicity, tags, length, etc. There is a feature to showRtM in your iGoogle homepage, which is where I control mine. As well as helping me remember the little things (take lunch meds, do my tai chi routine), I can use it to plan the big tasks of the week ahead. I feel a bit bad postponing tasks, but I think overall is helping me manage what I need to do.
We will go to the Moon
One of my friends created this "tag" rendition of Kennedy's famous speech. I really like the way "space" is huge in the centre, and everything is around it.
I want a Dinosaur cake too!
Amigurumi tutorial for knitters, part 1
Amigurumi tutorial for knitters, part 2
If you want to make the cute-tastic amigurumi but crochet is not your strong suit, this is a two part tutorial on how to do them, both from scratch and translation, but knitting. Includes useful notions in 3D knitting!

I am typing this late Saturday. I spent all of Friday evening bringing IKEA furniture to a third floor (do you know how heavy is a Billy? 44 kg. Me and Alex brought a total of 177 kg up the stairs, to a (British) third floor. 177). I've spent most of Saturday building furniture and rearranging the house, because we didn't have space for more books in the house, nor space for Argos (my new computer, just in case), who was taking over the dining room table. I am exhausted now, but good exhausted, and the flat looks good.

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  1. Oh thank you so much for the amigurami tutorials! I've bookmarked those for later because I want to design and knit some bugs as a Christmas present for a good friend. Yes, I said bugs - she likes that sort of thing! :)