Sunday, 15 June 2008

Links of the week, 15/06/08

Here are the links of the week this week. These are the links I collected during the last two weeks, as last week we had quotes. I am really enjoying writing this thematic posts. In fact, I am writing links of the week posts at the moment. The other one I'm writing is a bit moreatemporal , so I will keep it in storage until I need it. For example, when I go on holidays. I do plan to take some summer holidays in September (so that it works well withteh boyfriend's work, and so that it's not full of tourists and screaming children), but I might need to use it before then.

Fixing a wall with Lego bricks
Did you know that I never had any Lego when I was little? I had other construction sets, but never Lego, until a couple of Xmas ago, whenteh boyfriend got me a bucket of Lego bricks. Incidentally, Lego is the brand, "one Lego" doesn't exist, it's "one Lego brick". Similarly, you don't have "Legos", but "Lego bricks".
Famous pictures done with Lego
This affluence of Lego-related links has actually nothing to do with Lego Indiana Jones! I can't recognise all the pictures, but I really like the ones I can.
Sunset on Mars
Beautiful Martian sunset, sent by the Spirit in 2005. I want to be there, I want to go to Mars. One of my favourite books is Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson. Not only it's a reasonable story of the Mars colonisation, but the main characters were born when I was. I could be them!
Top 12 things you need to be a mad scientist
I want to be one. Surprisingly, living in a place with lots of thunderstorms is absent from the list. So is having a deformed assistant. Incidentally, I did on Thursday an Igor impression at work ("yez, Mazter"), and it was completely lost on people.
15 technology turning points
It was an incredibly interesting list. I especially enjoy following Stallman's link and reading of his own book the account of the experience.
Geek knits
LJ user dragoncrafter has wondered why there isn't a book called "Geek Knits" or something like that. I would so buy that book! While we stalk our local bookstores for something like that to appear, s/he has put together a list of geek patterns available online.
Yarn Wars (link to picture)
Para Abnormal is a one-panel webcomic. I love their yarn wars. I could not find a link to the yarn wars post only, but here is the list of posts for the month, so we can find it later (itwil be easier than go through the entire thing!)


  1. Those are great!

    Yeah, I never had Legos either, I had Tinker Toys and loved 'em. I wish I still had them so I could make a Tinker Swift!

    And yes, there is absolutely a market for a "Geek Knits" book. But I think that either someone's going to have to take it on and self-publish it or it has to be a pet project of someone who is already a published knitter with a little leverage of their own. Wouldn't that be an awesome book though???

  2. I would be one of the best knitting books ever! I would think there is enough market for one (especially now that geek knitting has made the "normal" news after the Doctor Who pattern problems), and I so buy it. Maybe two copies, to support it!