Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Red Headband (small FO)

On Saturday I wanted to have my hair loose (mainly so it would dry after my much-deserved post furniture-assembling shower), but I didn't want to get it on my face. The next day, I searched Ravelry and cast on for the Red Headband. Alex asked why red, and it's because I like red, it looks well on me, and I had some red yarn about (leftover from the Fetching mitts).
The crossing stitches took me a bit to get, but only the first or second time I did them, then they went pretty quick. I only cast on 18 stitches instead of 24, as the pattern works on a 6 stitch repeat.
I blocked it on Tuesday, by sprinkling it, then ironing through a cloth, then sprinkling it again and leaving it to dry stretched on the carpet.
It took me a bit to get used to wearing it yesterday, because I rarely wear my hair down, but it felt ok pretty soon. I am still thinking about cutting my hair all short, but I haven't been bother yet.



Technical notes
Ravelry project page
Pattern: Dream Swatch head wrap, by Wendy Bernard, from Knit and Tonic
Yarn: Oasis Solid (South West Trading Company) in Red, approx 80 meters.
Needles: 3.75 mm
Technical notes: Because I know Oasis stretches, I knitted it deliberately with smaller needles, to keep it a bit tight. Gauge is really not critical, I don't think I actually checked it at all (well, I did put up the cast on needle to my head, to check the width). Would recommend it as a quick but a bit interesting project, and as a not boring-looking headband.

Unusually for me, I'm very happy with how this pictures turned up!


  1. now I really have to make one for me, it's been on my list forever, is it easy?
    it looks great on you!!!!!!!! good job...

  2. and indeed: happy pictures!

  3. Do start it, it's easy, quick and pretty!
    I had no problems with it. It took me a little to figure out the instructions for the "holes", but just following them very slowly took care of that, and then it just flew off the needles!

  4. yarn ready, pattern ready, I start tonight - mine will be green/blue, colorway Celtic Tales from Lizzies Wonderland...

    if I get into trouble, I know where to find you...

  5. Yes, you do look nice in red! Great color & pattern. Plurk.....yes or no?

  6. The above "looks nice in red" comment is from me - I can't explain the anonymous status of the post...weird! ckk

  7. and it IS a nice pattern, started mine this evening... hope it will turn out half as gorgeous as yours...