Friday, 6 June 2008

New computer!

We interrupt the normal schedule of posts to announce to the world that I have a new computer! I have a new computer! *happy dance*


  1. What does it look like? And you have a name for it? My current computer is named Daram (heh heh. 'Da Ram? Get it? Ok, I know, bad humor) which is hokey, but works well.

  2. :) Like your banner! Congrats on the new computer.

  3. It looks like a shiny silver box! I will take pictures soon, when I'm not customising the software like crazy!

    It doesn't have a name yet. I have put "SuperSteven" as a place holder, but I need a good name. My previous computers have been Sherlock, Spudtrooper and Lazarus, so I can't just call this one "Steven"!