Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bamboo in the fridge

Waking up at 6 on Monday and 6.30 on Tuesday has not been good for me. I was completely wrecked yesterday evening, although I'm glad I managed to go to Tai Chi, I was "better tired" after it. I was talking nonsense, and I nearly put the half-used can of bamboo shoots in the draw, rather than the fridge.
I've also had to tone down the brightness and the colour intensity of my monitor, as reading documents with a white background is very tiring on my eyes. And everything is kind of hazy anyway.

However, I am going to the Spa tomorrow. I am finally going as my birthday present, and I'll get a shoulders and neck massage, a facial treatment, and a couple of hours in the nice water. I have the day off from work, and I think doing that will (hopefully) relax me, catch up on my beauty, and generally make me feel happy and better. Alex is awesome.


  1. Oh going to a spa for the day is a marvelous idea! That should do wonders for you. Now I know what I want for my next b-day!

    Where you live or work are there any places that have the quickie seated chair massage sessions? We used to have a place that did that and my friend was going through a period of terrible stress and health issues. She found that getting a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage on her lunch hour a few times a week really helped her get through the day easier.

  2. never done that, but I hope you had a good day at the Spa!