Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Three Works-In-Progress

This Sunday, just before watching Doctor Who (is it can be Saturday nao, plees? Need to know how it continues!), I bound off the body of the Summer Lace tee. It is still a way from done, especially as I still need to figure out how to do the straps. I don't want i-cord, but I don't know how to knit them, or whether to use ribbon.


I took some pictures yesterday, and let me tell you, it is remarkably difficult to take pictures of your own back!

You can see held in red the stitches that might held the straps, although there is no equivalent in the back. I figures I could always bound them off if I didn't use them, and I want the straps to go where my bra straps are, so I couldn't to the back just yet.
IMG_5414 IMG_5413

I have been making much progress with the Dice bag, and I am nearly about to start the decreases. Yesterday I bought one more ball of yarn, as I had run out of it. It is taking a lot more yarn than previously advertised!

I can only work on it two or three rounds at a time, because it's wool, so I've been knitting it in the bus, as that's only 20 min each way. The rounds are eternal, though. 160 stitches are a lot of stitches!

Finally, I started something little for me, the Basic Human bag. I don't always feel human. Sometimes I resemble more a panda, or a zombie, or the grinch. This will be my emergency bag for those days, rather than having everything floating about in my bag, getting lost, opened and bashed.

The basic human bag will contain: concealer, vaselin, nail clipper, migraine stick, painkillers and allergy meds. Possibly some blush, for the corpse-like days, but I need to find a really small one to fit the bag.
I'm using a pattern from Last minute knitted gits, albeit a bit smaller, and using leftover yarn from the Clapotis. It should be quick, and I can start using it soon, because I really need it! Things end up all over my bag and I can never find them.


  1. I love the top!!!!!!
    and also the idea of a Basic Human bag, for days like that...
    you're doing great on the knitting!

  2. Ha! I love your description of the Basic Human Bag. Some days we just have to put it on from the outside, don't we? :-)