Friday, 25 July 2008


The Spa was good!

I was a bit rather stressed in the morning before going, but at least they got rid of it all.

I arrived without problems to Bath, and made my way to the Spa with about 15 minutes to spare, so I had the tiniest wander-around. I changed into my swim suit, put on my bath robe and slippers, hugged my towel, and made my way in.
The massage and facial were wonderful. First I got the massage, 1/2 of kneading my back, shoulders and neck and leaving them more relaxed than they had been in years. I swear that guy must have had three hands, but he always hid one of them when I was looking.
Then I got the facial, complete with a scalp massage. It was so relaxing, my only worry was that one of my arms was falling asleep. After he finished with my face, rather than saying anything, he clinged a couple of chimes, presumably just in case I had fallen asleep! Not so much during it, but I was tempted to forgo the water and ask if I could just curl up there and sleep for a bit.

Then I had two hours in the pool. I had access to the main pool, the sauna, the balconies and the roof top pool. I started in the main pool, but there were to many people and they were making me nervous, so I moved to the top pool, but it was the same. Mercifully for me, 1 pm hit and most of the people disappeared to lunch. I went to the sauna and was there for a while. There were very few people, so I found a very empty space and managed to practise my tai chi form.
Then I went back to the main pool for an hour, and it was great. It was nice and warm, and there were very few people. It had bubbles in a corner! We also had floating spaghetti foams, so everybody had one and we just floated. The water pumped in formed a current, so you could just float and it would take you all around the pool! (with minor corrections for the calm bits). I circled the pool many times, just enjoying floating in the warm water.

After I was done, I had nice lunch out (I was starving!), and bought some cheese and things for dinner, and head home, to give Alex many hugs for his wonderful present.

It was so peaceful and nice and warm, and so relaxing. I still slept like normal (not very well), but I am still rested and feeling calm, even if I didn't get enough sleep. And there is nothing planned for this weekend, so I can just sit home and knit, read, play games and eat good food. And, if I feel super-energetic, I might buy some yarn.

Completely unrelated, Bath was full of pigs. I am also using this to prove that I was really there, before someone says "pics or it didn't happen".



  1. I'm glad you had a good day, thanks to Alex!

  2. I love the piggy! So cute...