Monday, 7 July 2008

Sleep is good

Sometimes I don't know whether to be angry, or sad, or somehow amused, about some of the things my co-workers say.
I was talking to one of them about being tired, and I mentioned that I normally went to bed about 11 (and I should go earlier, really), because I was just too tired, and his reaction was "oooh, you are so lucky, I wish I could do that".
When I enquired further, he said that he went to bed late because he ended up doing other things, like playing in a band, going to the cinema or to meet with people, etc. Yeah, well. It's not so much luck any more.
I need that sleep, so I have to choose not to do those things, and come home and go to bed. I get unbearable when I don't get enough sleep. It's an active choice. There are other reasons why sometimes I don't want to do things with people, but I nearly always have to say no to things that will get me home late, especially during the week, like film viewings that start at 9. Most people can handle well a day of little sleep; I handle them awfully, and my depression flares up when tired.
So not really that lucky.

Still don't sleep well, though. At least I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, so I can mention my sleep problems again to him.

It all reminds me of I need some sleep, by The Eels, as featured in Shrek 2.


  1. I so know what you mean...
    (except I go to bed still too late, mostly around 1am)

  2. It reminds me of conversations I had with coworkers when I told them that I spent the first 10-20 minutes of each day quietly sipping my morning coffee and knitting. They'd tell me how "lucky" I was to be able to do that. When in truth, they were "lucky" that I made the choice to set aside that time! Because instead of starting the day already stressed and frazzled, it enabled me to come into my workplace calm and ready to face the day.