Sunday, 17 May 2009

Links of the week, 17/05/09

First, two movies:
On Wednesday, I went with my S'n'B to see Coraline. It was great! Aside from the fact that I went out with friends, the movie was very good. The stop-motion and the 3D worked really well, and it was full of crafty bits (so much knitted stuff). Good nightmare fuel as well. I would really recommend it.
Star Trek (11/0)
And, on a rare event, I went out twice this week to the cinema. On Saturday afternoon, Alex and I saw Star Trek. I quite enjoyed it. For being an odd number, it was quite decent (hence the "zero" renaming, not just for the origin bit). I am only familiar with Star Trek from second-hand experience (ie, ie2, though I've seen Wrath of Khan), but that was enough to get some of the references (hehe nuclear wessels). It is now quite strange to play Civ4, voiced by Leonard Nemoy. I liked it, and I think I want to broaden my Star Trek horizons after this.

BBC NEWS Magazine: Are we all capable of violence?
I have just finished reading Blindness, which centres around a dystopia. Most dystopias end up incredibly violent, because violence is there in all of us. I like this article and how social behaviour influences the make up of our violent brain.
Science tattoo emporium
Science tattoos.
Life’s First Spark Re-Created in the Laboratory
The origin of life is currently explained as starting in a warm soup, with self-replicating molecules forming. This step remained elusive to re-create in a lab setting, until now. I do hope it's all true and correct, because it would be awesome. Life created in the lab!
Get organized: 12 Minutes to Go
I am not a very good housekeep, truth be told. We manage to keep mostly on top of dishes and laundry, because they are more visible, but other normal cleaning gets a bit abandoned. Alex is much better at it than I am, but we'd still rather play games than clean. I am trying to follow this small list of tasks, in the hopes to minimise the massive cleaning sessions when we finally realise we've not cleaned for a while. A little often can go a long way.

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