Friday, 1 May 2009

A better pandemic

If, like me, you are already quite tired of the current "EVERYBODY PANIC" state with respect to the swine flu, and you have a somewhat twisted sense of humour, you will enjoy the Pandemic Game.

However, if you are worrying, please don't. The fearmongering gets to me too when I'm tired, as it goes through the brain filter straight into my anxiety problem. But there is really nothing to worry about. The term "pandemic" reflects the ease of infection, and it has nothing to do with the mortality. This, while a pandemic, is a very mild one. Thousands of people die every year from the normal flu if they develop other complications. Because this is a current issue, it's being treated, so very few people will have severe problems with this particular flu.

On a related note, my grandmother's parents died on one of the aftershocks of the 1918 Spanish flu, when she was a young child. She never knew what exactly they died from, but at least I've been able to put it together. I like knowing this because it's one of the very few facts I know about my family (they are not the talkative type).

And hey, if bad comes to worse, the ability to make clothes out of string and sticks will be a very valuable skill in the post-apocalyptic world!


  1. Even better if, like me, you can spin your own string! ::giggle::

  2. Yeah, I'm more of a "Don't Panic" type. And yes, I know where my towel is.