Thursday, 7 May 2009

I is for ... I don't know!

Is it cheating? Probably. Am I going to be defeated by a letter? Hell no!

I don't know
Hear the "I don't know" GIR clip

I really didn't know what to do for I. The only things that came to mind were i-cord and internet, and i-cord was boring and, short of taking pictures of some pipes, I didn't know how to take a picture of the Internet.

I don't like "I don't know". I like knowing things. I hear disturbingly often "How do you even know things things?", mainly from my co-workers. Because knowing is fun! (also, normally the faces of people when I pull out a weird but eerily appropriate fact are quite fun too).
I like trivia. I'm not even that good at it: Alex can out-trivia me any day, but I do my best.

A small part of my day is always devoted to learning new things. Most of them come to me via forums on the internet: I will look up things people are talking about, and then get lost in some wiki-hopping. Suddenly it's 2 hours later, and my boss is probably starting to get annoyed :)

What is your random bit of knowledge for the day? I want to know more!


  1. We swallow approximately 8.5 spiders in our lifetime while asleep.

  2. That's an excellent I!

    OK, my trivia (as are my current ABCs) is NYC/NYS related. Henry Hudson (namesake of the river he discovered in 1609) was cast adrift (with his son and some crew members) in the north Atlantic in 1611. The mutineers were never punished.