Tuesday, 12 May 2009


If it wasn't because I clearly remember being at physio-2, I would have sworn I got run over by a steam roller. Ouch ouch ouch I ache. I walked for 6 minutes on a thread mill! And then stood on tip-toes. My physio is clearly a monster.

I think the main problem is that the effort and exhaustion triggered a migraine, so I've had to deal with the two things at once, and I just feel rotten. At least my physio said that I had very good ankle coordination for having been in the cast for so long, so hopefully it will get better with time.
The migraine did take away what I think was an impending down, so something good came out of it. Migraines and depression are related to each other, working on similar mechanisms, and in my case if I have one I don't have the other.

Today I'm not wearing my boot around the office, as he told me to do, but I can't fully stretch my knee. I need to go food shopping this evening, but I think I will have a long hot bath when I get back home after that. Oh yes.


  1. I had no idea that depression and migraines were linked. I guess that's why some of the popular preventative medicines have serotonin in them.

    The link between the two makes sense...I have one or the other all of the time as well.

  2. I wasn't trying to anonymous, but I couldn't post with my Google account for some reason.


  3. I also wasn't trying to use poor grammar. Sorry, please delete at will.


  4. Have you tried Valerian? It's safe with many many many other meds, safe for bipolars and relaxes muscles while increasing blood flow, they also help you sleep :)

  5. migraine and depression, yes... the combination is oh so familiar...
    you'll get there, hon!

  6. Yeesh - I suppose a migraine is better than a depression but still! I think you really earned a hot bath, whirlpool tub would be even better! Stick with it - it'll get better.

  7. Yuck, what a choice, migraine or depression!! I also had no idea they were linked ... hmmm, must investigate :) What the physio said sounds positive, I hope it starts to get better quickly!