Monday, 4 May 2009

Blocking Bottom's Up

Having had this past week off, I finished knitting Bottom's Up. After I had followed the instructions, I found it way too small for my chest, so frogged a bit of the shoulders and knitted them longer. I could have just continued knitting them, but chose to frog in order to add some more of the pattern, and to thin the shoulder straps. Weaved in all the ends during the week.

I washed it yesterday, after Alex and I came back from our mini-holiday in Exeter. We both really enjoyed Exeter. We ate our lunch (home-made roast-pork sandwiches, mmmm), ambled through the city and found a remote awesome pub (The Double Locks) that was also hosting a Beer Festival. While Exeter is a bit too small for me, I would certainly recommend it for a small break, and I'm planning to go back for the underground passages.

I washed Bottom's Up with my new Soak. The water came out brown from having dragged all the yarn through the floor, and now my top is clean and stretching. I'm looking forward to wearing it, and I really hope it stretches properly during blocking, as I'm not a big fan of showing my tummy to people.

Blocking Bottom's up


  1. it will be so beautiful, I look forward to seeing you wear this one - and then I'll put in my order ;)

  2. I went to uni in Exeter and can say the Double Locks has seen one too many of my nights out! I hope you enjoyed it, I mean to come back one day.... The top will most probably stretch, it's made of cotton, after all! :) Very nice FO.