Monday, 18 May 2009

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

I am not a US citizen, but I know some of my (admittedly few) readers are, so I feel compelled to pass on this message to them, brought to my attention by Neil Gaiman's journal about Stem Cell Research.

The Bush administration, while not outlawing stem cell research, did stop all its government funding regarding embryonic stem cells. The Obama administration is lifting that funding ban, and rewriting the law concerning the conditions of funding for this research.
This conditions have just been issued, and are open for comments and feedback, until the 26th May. At the moment, not only the guidelines are still a bit restrictive, but the comments are being completely flooded by groups that oppose this research.
I am a firm believer on stem cell research, so I wanted to pass this information on so that you too can express you opinion on the matter. You may very well be completely against it, or you might completely support it, but either way the opportunity is here for you to express your views (though, of course, I am hoping to achieve comments on favour of it, I will accept those against).

The link to Neil's post, where he explains it much better than I can, is here. The full information on what is happening (the information Neil himself got) is here.
To read the proposed guidelines, click here (and I've actually read them!), and to put forward your opinion on the matter, click here.

I am also open for a discussion on the matter, or clarifications, either by blog or by email (address modified to try and confuse spam bots!)

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