Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Physio 1

I had my first physio session today. I knew I had lost lost of strength and elasticity, but I hadn't realised quite so much. The physio pushed and pulled at both feet, and it was actually quite amazing how much more strength my right foot has.
For now, I have some exercises to do at home until I see him again next week. As well as strength and elasticity, I also need to build up some confidence. So our current goal for the next couple of weeks is to get me off the crutch - he said he'd wrestle it out of my arms if necessary, to which I answer that I had done fencing and the crutch was similar enough to a sword!

Everybody has been telling me that their physio hurt more than their injuries (gee, thanks). Today hasn't hurt very much, although my leg is a bit sore after the exercises. At least my fracture hurt quite a lot, so I'm confident physio won't be as bad. I've been working on my ADD booties to celebrate my feet.


  1. Hmmm...sorry, I have to say that in my past experience after the initial injuries started healing my pain went down quite a bit. (Good drugs helped!) But when I was finally healed and went back to do physical therapy it forced me to use all the muscles that I'd been coddling for many months and that was not so fun. But there again, they were able to give me some muscle relaxants and painkillers to make it bearable and me more functional during and after the physical therapy. And there was also massage - which was lovely!

  2. I hope you'll find that confidence soon! and it sounds like you have a physio with a sense of humor, that's so great! :)