Wednesday, 27 May 2009

More piggies, GIR. I demand piggies!

One of my favourite cartoon shows is Invader Zim, and in particular GIR, the little robot. GIR is quite a stupid robot, built like that on purpose by the rules where Zim comes from, before packing him to Earth, the furthest place they could think of. Zim is not a good invader. And GIR is so cute. I am a bit like GIR.

My favourite episode is Bad, bad rubber piggy, in which they build a Space Time Object Replacement Device and send piggies back to the past. These are for science, GIR. SCIENCE!
(Come here and hear audio-clips from the series. Just select "Bad, bad rubber piggy" on the episode search, and you will find out why I'm so weird, and how much this post is littered by quotes)

I have now made two piggies, with different patterns. I will make yet another piggy (need more piggies), but using design elements of both of them, as I would like something in between.

Piggy 1
Piggy 1
Piggy 2
Piggy 2

Were I a real scientist!, I would put the piggies in the Large Hadron Collider and fly them against each other to create a new breed of super-piggy, with the strength of ten thousand little piggies!

Oh, gods, I think I've gone mad.
Yay, we're doomed!

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  1. I like the little round piggy better. Less condom-y. :D